Established 1997.  We provide wait staff, bartenders and grillers to go to your venue whether it be at your office, home or hall and make you a guest at your party.  Our servers do more than serve your food.  From the moment they arrive, they are there to help you with all your needs.  If you have your own food or appetizers, we can heat it up, set it out, walk around butler style and more.  During your special occasion, our servers will serve if desired, refill items necessary, pick up after your guests, consolidate and put away all your leftovers.  After dinner, we will set up your coffee and desserts.  The best part of having us at your party is you will be able to sit and enjoy your guests.  When the party is over, RELAX as all the hard work will already be done, right down to taking out the trash.  If you are in need of other services, simply inquire as we are connected with many services (catering, rental equipment, DJ and other types of entertainment)  just ask.